Soft Top Cleaning

Guide to Soft Top Cleaning

Over time your vehicle’s soft top can attract mould, mildew and moss which
and can be damaging as well as aesthetically unpleasant.


C43 Soft Top


C43 Soft Top

When cleaning a fabric top we follow the steps below:

  • To begin we remove loose debris, dust etc.
  • We then apply a fabric specific cleaner to dislodge and remove the
    green mould, mildew and general dirt that builds up during road use
    and being exposed to the elements.
  • After allowing time for the foam to work it’s magic and lift the dirt we
    then rinse.
  • The re-proofing stage then commences. This creates a water resistant
    barrier which reduces and slows down the ability of the fabric to absorb
    dirt and staining.
  • The final step is to clear the rear window inside and out